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Nursing care Vs Assisted Living Facilities

Posted on November 9 2017

With growing age, many things change. One or many changes might not be good for you. As with growing, come physical and mental disabilities. Many elder lies out there might be facing difficulties in doing daily life activities. To help them, there are senior care options available.

Assisted Living Facilities are one of the senior care options which are meant for those seniors who can’t live independently and need assistance in daily life activities. It is meant for those who don’t need extensive medical care. A retirement house is similar to the ALF as they also provide a living community for seniors.


According to a survey conducted in 2012 by the US government, 22 thousand assisted living facilities were operating in the country, providing residence to more than 0.713 million. The number of ALF has been increasing exponentially since the year 2000. When it comes to Best Assisted living Facilities in Denver Colorado, then you should not surprise to know that there are almost 1000+ assisted living facilities and senior care facilities working in the Denver metro area.

There have been controversies related to neglect, sexual abuse and mistreatment at ALF in the Denver CO, US. Since then, regulations have been made stricter regarding the dignity and respect of the elderly.

Nursing Care V/S Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing care is also one of the senior care options but the difference lies in the level of medical care. Nursing homes are meant for those seniors who need high-level medical care round the clock. Professional nurses, having official licenses, take care of the residents at nursing homes. The residents of nursing homes either have very serious disease or have had serious accident. Nursing homes, these days, also provide short-term stays for the residents. Many residents of the Assisted Living Facilities after three to four years go to nursing homes as they are either having some serious physical disorder which can be cared for only at nursing homes.

Assisted Living facilities, on the other hand, provide an easy solution to seniors who are physically disabled or can’t perform daily life chores with ease. Staff is available to assist them in all daily life activities at the community. The residents at the ALF do not need extensive medical care. Freedom is greatly enjoyed by the residents at ALF while at the same time; emergency help is not far than a phone call. The seniors need not worry about the housekeeping or cooking meals as this is no more their headache when they are at ALF. A number of social events and recreational events on a regular basis keep the seniors lively and socially active.

If you are facing issues in choose the best assisted living and senior care options for your seniors, then let Stacy’s Helping Hand, Inc do this job for you. They are acting as a middle man in between senior and senior care facilities and will help people in Denver metro area to choose the option for them and their seniors.

Assisted Living in Denver CO

Assisted Living in Denver CO

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